He Remembered!

I forgot, as usual. Lovie sent me this lovely e-card and said “Happy moving in with me on this day 320 I love you” Jpay isn’t working so I can’t respond, but miraculously this card got through! On November 5, 2012, after visiting for one week in September, I made my way back to Florida, […]

But Love ~ poetry by Leesa Love

Marriages don’t just crumble without warning The tell, tell signs that something’s just not right Perhaps he doesn’t drag in until morning Or you know there’s someone else keeping her out all night And when you see the smokeYou know there’s been a fire And when it’s obviously brokenIt takes two with one desire But […]

The Simplest Acts

A few years ago I received a letter from my husband who was in jail at the time. The letter was written in pencil, which was all that facility allowed, and I could barely see the words. The lead on the pencil was so light! Thankfully, we could afford phone calls, and when he called […]